What sets our M&A legal advisory services apart:

Understanding the process

We do not limit our service to writing the due diligence report and drafting the share purchase agreement. We guide our client through the entire acquisition process, starting with the non-disclosure agreement, letter of intent, defining and managing the due diligence process, and after closing the deal, the practicalities of transition of control to the buyer. We have experienced a wide range of transactions with very different dealmaking cultures and parties’ expectations and we can deliver across perceived barriers.

Scaling the due diligence

We understand the importance of setting expectations. Do you require an in-depth review of the target or would you rather rely on insured warranties? What kind of reporting best suits your purposes? We will help you make these decisions at the outset of the diligence process in order to save you time and money.

Understanding the deal

Yes, we can read balance sheets, define purchase price adjustment mechanisms, and protect you from asset leakages.

Negotiating and drafting documents in English

We all have been trained at international law firms and some of us received legal education in English. You can rest assured that we will be able to negotiate and draft documents in English. Moreover, our partner Bill Finney is an American lawyer licensed in Washington State as well as in Czechia.

Key contacts: Pavel Marc, Bill Finney, Ondřej Mánek, Jakub Císař