The Czech startup scene is really busy. This week we have one new and significant transaction, which was again led by Novalia lawyers Iva Javorská, Kamil Stanek, and Vojtěch Tancoš. They represented the Czech startup Roivenue, which was acquired by the Dutch company ScanmarQED.

Another significant exit in the startup scene. The Czech startup Roivenue, which develops a marketing analytics tool, becomes part of the Dutch company ScanmarQED – a leading global player in the field of software solutions for online marketing. Together they want to become a leader in the US and international markets. 

We have been working with Roivenue since 2018, not only with the initial investment, but also with the right employee stock setup. We are thrilled that we could help complete such an important transaction,” comments Kamil Staněk, who participated in the whole process with other colleagues – Iva Javorská and Vojtěch Tancoš. 

Startup Roivenue has created a learning algorithm that evaluates all marketing channels (such as Google Analytics, Sklik, etc.) even though each of them uses its measurement. Roivenue’s tool can compare them and evaluate the ROI of each. This lets companies know how to accelerate further growth or where to save on marketing budgets.

Teaming up with a strategic partner that has established sales channels in the US, UK, and Western Europe will allow us to quickly win r  contracts in top markets and achieve our vision faster than as a standalone company,” Šíma told CzechCrunch

Roivenue is one of our long-term clients. In the past, for example, we have advised on the preparation of an investment in Roivenue of up to 55 million by the trio of Jan Barta, Dušan Šenkypl and David Holý  from Pale Fire Capital. 

Congratulations on another great success and best of luck!